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Vibration measurement system--customised vibration measurement system

The system uses high-quality laser probe ZLDS100, non-contact measurement, record the measured body in the vibration process of the trajectory, and use the maximum minus the minimum value to get the amplitude. When the amplitude exceeds the defined value, the alarm signal can be output by software. Sampling frequency is high, can accurately restore the movement of the measured trajectory. Use a variety of filters to make the measurement more stable. Widely used, for example, can be used in construction projects, real-time monitoring of building vibration, to ensure the safety of construction; real-time monitoring of vibration, timely response to the work of the equipment to achieve alarm output.

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-Main features-
  • ultra-high resolution, resolution up to 0.05um;

  • high response frequency, 9400Hz;

  • connect the production system, timely reflect the equipment status;

  • accurately restore the vibration trajectory, get peak and peak;

  • integrated detection, you can control multiple measurement points at the same time detection, comprehensive processing data, up to 127 measurement points;

  • detection data can be linked to the internal network, such as ERP;

  • high-quality laser displacement probe ZLDS100, for a variety of material surface; can be based on special requirements to achieve deviation alarm;

  • system is mature and stable, the software algorithm has high reliability and high availability;

  • mechanical positioning firm and accurate, no damage non-contact measurement;

  • high efficiency, to solve the artificial can not achieve the measurement methods to improve the quality of production;  

-Application area-
  • Vibration measurement of building structures 

  • Measurement of vibration of exhaust turbocharged 

  • Fan vibration measurement 

  • Belt vibration amplitude measurement 

  • Measurement of vibration frequency of elevator motor 

  • Measurement of vibration displacement of manipulator.  


-Technical specifications-


Customised vibration measurement system

Measuring distance mm


Range mm


Resolution um


Measuring frequency Hz


Probe linearity (3σ)um


Measurable vibration frequency range Hz


We reserve the right to change the specifications without notice.

-Measuring principle-

    Measure the movement of the measured body in the vibration process, and then use the maximum value minus the minimum value to get the amplitude. The alarm signal can be output by software when the amplitude exceeds the defined value.

-Industry solutions-

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-Successful case-

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-Mounting dimensions-
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