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3D precision contour measurement system

3D precision contour measurement system with ZLDS200 scanning light get the surface characteristics of the object to be measured and restore the plane of the 3D contour to achieve the effect of precision contour scanning.
The instrument can accurately restore the surface details of the measured surface, and analyze the surface details.With the help of the software system, the contour information which is convenient for the operator to analyze in detail can be displayed directly .

Return list
-Main features-
  • High precision, Z axis static accuracy up to 3um; 

  • High response frequency, 1000 samples per second maximum sampling; 

  • Analog, digital port output at the same time; 

  • The measurement is not affected by color, surface material or discrete light; 

  • With synchronous input, multiple sensors can work synchronously; 

  • Protection class IP67;

-Application area-
  • Model of the mold contour detection; 

  • packing profile measurement;

  • carving face detection;

  • recognition and measurement of the port container; 

  • cooling slab and billet stick field monitoring; 

  • bulk open-pit measurement; 

  • material tracking; 

  • object volume measurement applications.


-Technical specifications-


3D precision contour measurement system

range, Z-axis, mm


range, X-axis, mm


linearity, Z axis,%


linearity, X axis,%


Maximum measurement frequency,HZ


Measuring distance,mm


Other range can be customized according to specific requirements.

We reserve the right to change the specifications without notice.

-Measuring principle-

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-Industry solutions-

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-Successful case-

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-Mounting dimensions-

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