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Precision on-line contour detection system

The precise online contour detection system uses the German imported high-precision laser displacement sensor, non-contact real-time monitoring of the measured object contour data.
ZSY online detection system is the laser light source, photoelectric detection and computer industrial control technology combining the light mechanical and electrical integration of high-tech products, can be widely used for various specifications of the profile production line real-time measurement, non-contact measurement, with no damage to the object surface, no environmental pollution, strong anti-interference ability high precision, data acquisition and processing characteristics, is an important equipment with the benchmark nature of China's industrial production line quality control.

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-Main features-
  • Custom contour scanning, maximum accuracy 0.5um;

  • High response frequency, 9400Hz, almost satisfies all industrial profile scans;

  • Connect the production system to reflect the production status;

  • Linkage with the production equipment, accurate positioning need to scan the location;

  • Integrated scanning, you can control multiple scans at the same time scanning the same point, integrated processing data, up to 127 scan points;

  • Scan data can be linked to the internal management of the network, such as ERP;

  • High quality laser displacement probe ZLDS100, suitable for all kinds of material surface;

  • According to the special requirements to achieve deviation alarm; 

  • The system is mature and stable, and the software algorithm has high reliability and high availability;

  • Mechanical positioning is firm and accurate, no damage and non-contact measurement;

  • High efficiency, to solve the artificial measurement can not be achieved, improve production quality;

-Application area-

Including the train flange, motor electronics, mobile phone shell, tire surface, a variety of workpiece size, packaging and other aspects of the material on the contours of the online monitoring.


-Technical specifications-


Precision on-line contour detection system

Measurable surface variation range,mm




Measuring speed,HZ


Linearity of probe,mm


Scan rate,m/min


Range can be customized according to specific requirements.
We reserve the right to change the specifications without notice.

-Measuring principle-

Through the motor drive sensor scanning, through the horizontal and vertical components of the acquisition, the surface of the measured surface data.High precision motor and screw rod are adopted to ensure the stability and accuracy of the horizontal component data, and the high precision laser displacement sensor is used to obtain the high precision vertical component.

-Industry solutions-

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-Successful case-

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-Mounting dimensions-

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