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ZTMS08 Precision On-line Thickness Measuring System

ZTMS08 Precision On-line Thickness Measuring System with German imports of laser displacement sensor, the laser beam as mechanical probe, using the charge-coupled device to realize the photoelectric conversion.
ZTMS08 On-line Thickness Measuring System is a laser light source, photoelectric detection and computer industrial control technology with the combination of optical, mechanical and electrical integration of high-tech products, widely used in industrial production, can be on the production line for various material thickness, width, outline the real-time measurement. At the same.

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-Main features-

Thickness range tailored, the highest accuracy of 0.5 um;

High-speed online measurement, the highest measured values/SEC; 

Multi-point measurement, an industrial computer can connect to multiple online thickness gauge; 

Can connect production line automatic control system, to realize closed loop control; 

Can connect the company's internal management network, such as enterprise resource planning ERP; 

High quality laser displacement sensor ZLDS100, apply a variety of materials measurement; 

Can display graphical curve and according to the requirement set deviation alarm; 

System is mature and stable, the software algorithm has high reliability and high availability; 

Mechanical positioning accurate, noninvasive non-contact measurement; 

High efficiency, save manpower material resources, improve the production quality;

-Application area-

Includes a variety of hot and cold rolled steel strip steel plate, aluminum plate, aluminum foil, copper, copper foil, converter lining, wood, food, precision components, all kinds of rubber sheet, rubber film, rubber tires, plastic, cloth and other transparent and opaque flexible plate thickness online measurement and monitoring.


-Technical specifications-


ZTMS08 Precision On-line Thickness Measuring System

Thickness range,mm


Measurement accuracy,um


Sampling frequency,Hz


Probe to plate distance,mm

10~500(according to the need to set the range)

Measuring speed,m/min


We reserve the right to change the specifications without notice.

-Measuring principle-

Using two the correlation method for thickness measurement of laser sensor, the sensor fixed on the stability of stents, ensure that two laser sensors to the same point again. 

The thickness of the calculation:

 A: laser displacement sensor 1 measuring distance

 B: 2 laser displacement sensor of measuring distance

 C: two sensors distance Thickness t value according to the C - (A + B)

Closed-loop control: 

Production equipment production run out, after our testing system, check whether product meets the requirements, in accordance with the standards of customer check whether the product meets the requirements, and the information feedback to the production system. If feedback is the current product does not conform to the requirements, the production system in a timely manner to adjust to adapt to the change of the production line. So that we can grasps the process of production, and to intervene, realizing on-line inspection and production integration.

-Industry solutions-
  1. The application of machinery manufacturing industry and metallurgy metal industry, such as a variety of hot and cold rolled steel strip, steel plate, aluminum plate, aluminum foil, thickness of copper, copper foil, and other products;

  2. The application of tire and rubber industry and building materials industry, such as all kinds of rubber sheet, rubber film, rubber tire, the thickness of plastic sheet and other products.

  3. The application of electronic industry, such as battery pole piece thickness measurement.

-Successful case-

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-Mounting dimensions-

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