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Rubber & Tire

As tire specifications become more stringent, testing for tires is a new challenge for suppliers, requiring faster, more sophisticated development, and more accurate measurements both on-line and off-line applications Detection Systems.
Used in the rubber and tire industry are mostly non-contact sensors with optical laser triangulation method to accurately measure the object or surface. This type of sensor has one size and two dimensions. Usually one-dimensional sensors are used for single-point measurements. The two-dimensional sensor can simultaneously measure the shape of the object two-dimensional, and can generate objects of the three-dimensional map. The use of high-precision sensor detection to achieve the adaptability of automation equipment. The sensor not only detects the tread profile, but also obtains the width, thickness, etc., and uses the non-contact measurement method to reduce the damage to the object and the automation device itself.


Non - contact non - destructive measurement;

High precision

Range and other parameters can be customized according to customer needs;

Provide software function customization, can directly generate three-dimensional map ... ...

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