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Extreme Temperature

The 21st century, the sensor measurement technology brought fresh blood for the modern industrial production.In the process of modern industrial production especial automation  industrial production,need to use kinds of sensors to monitor and control the various parameters of production to insure the equipment work in the best state and efficiently produce the best quality product.That’s we can say,it’s impossible  to have efficient and qualified products if no the kinds of excellent sensors.In the high temperature environment, common sensor is generally difficult to meet the requirement of production, therefore, requires specific high temperature resistance sensors to meet the needs of production.


Measurable 2200 ℃ high temperature objects;

Non - contact non - invasive measurement;

high sensitivity;

Anti-interference ability (not affected by oil and other media, high temperature red light can still get the ideal measurement effect);

Long - term work reliability, simple structure;

Custom software available(according to customer requirements) ...

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