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Boston uses sensors and large data to get real-time maps of local roads


Road facility maintenance is a field of innovation for large data applications. In modern cities, people, cars, things every day in the network cloud to leave a large number of digital trajectory. Some cities through the effective use of these urban traffic data, the use of crowd-sourcing approach, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the public, both to solve the needs of the people, but also save the financial funds.

Boston uses sensors and large data to detect local road bumps

The United States developed a Boston called "potholes street" mobile phone APP, the use of mobile phone acceleration sensor and GPS module to detect the bumps generated by the impact of the road,at the same time, record the location, the information sent to the cloud database.When there are enough people to feel the impact in the same place, the background data processing system will be marked road pavement, and reported to the relevant departments.The municipal department obtains a real-time map of the local road conditions through this new way of getting the public crowds involved.


"Potholes Street" mobile phone APP application diagram

It is understood that the application not only to help the public to find a more solid road, but also for the road maintenance pointed out the direction, is conducive to ensuring traffic safety and road traffic.

My company's ZLDS10X laser displacement sensor displacement sensor can measure road surface leveling,at the same time widely used in wheel rim contour measurement, flatness measurement. Can also be used for non-contact measurement displacement, three-dimensional size, thickness, object deformation, vibration, sorting and glass surface measurement.


ZLDS10X laser displacement sensor

ZLDS10X laser displacement sensor main features:

Non - contact displacement precision measurement;

Range minimum 2mm, maximum 1250mm (other range can be customized);

Frequency response: 2K, 5K, 8K, 9.4K, 60K, 120K, 180K;

IP67 high degree of protection, can adapt to a variety of harsh environments;

Resolution up to 0.01%, linearity up to 0.1%;

Support multiple sensors to synchronize acquisition (to ensure that the industry on-line high-precision differential thickness measurement);

    Support special range (such as long distance starting 700mm small range 300mm, etc.);

Special applications (high temperature measured body, pipe diameter, oil drill pipe internal and external thread measurement can be customized);

For the serial port, provides a run application DLL development library, user-friendly application development software.

Provided with the attached sensor software running on the computer. The software provides simple data reading, display and sensor parameter setting functions.

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