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Finnish robots picking up trash:Artificial intelligence sorting system to achieve effective sorting rate of 98%


ZenRobotics is an innovative high-tech company in Finland.In December 2016,Finland ZenRobotics company and a Jiangsu environmental technology companies to cooperate,ZenRobotics artificial intelligence sorting system in the project plays an important role.This is also the first time ZenRobotics has entered the Chinese market.


Finnish ZenRobotics artificial intelligence sorting system diagram

It is reported that, with the traditional rely on the code to identify the material sorting technology is different from the ZenRobotics robot system through the "example" to learn, it is a sensor scan to identify the object surface structure, shape and material composition, the customer can provide 200 Sample to "teach" robots to identify new materials.

ZenRobotics chief executive said the learning ability to make the robot flexible, able to adapt to changing waste streams.The traditional sorting equipment investment is expensive but the function is fixed, ZenRobotics system can be adjusted according to the different materials.

At present, ZenRobotics robots are mainly used for sorting construction and industrial materials, but it can also be "trained" to sort out other materials other than trash, and its work can be easily updated by software.Data show that a robot can sort high-precision four different types of garbage debris, the effective sorting rate of up to 98%, the maximum sorting speed of 3000 times / hour, working hours 24 hours / day.

ZenRobotics robots use sensor scanning to identify object surface structure, shape and material composition, our company's ZLDS200 laser two-dimensional scanning sensor can also be high-precision object contour, two-dimensional displacement, three-dimensional size of the on-line measurement.


ZLDS200 laser two - dimensional scanning sensor


ZLDS200 laser two - dimensional scanning sensor map


The ZLDS200HS (DHS) series is a small range of high-speed and high-precision two-dimensional sensor, with digital, integrated integrated structure.Laser two-dimensional sensor ZLDS200HS (DHS) series has a high accuracy of 0.1% Z-axis, 1800 per second scan data high response, IP67 high degree of protection, and can be synchronized with high performance characteristics, and in addition to standard series of products, Can also be customized according to the special needs of users.

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