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AE0x Absolute Linear Position Sensors

AE0x Series

Absolute Linear Position Sensors (Absolute Linear Encoders) are designed for measuring and checking displacements, dimensions, run-outs, surface profiles, deformations.

Our absolute linear encoder series includes two models:
AE01 — for hard industrial environments;
AE02— sensors with a built-in display option for laboratory environments.

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-Main features-


1. Innovative technology of absolute measurement

2. Measuring ranges from 3 to 55 mm

3. 0.1 μm resolution

4. Emulation of incremental encoder signals

main parameter

2 models of:

     wide temperature range



Measuring ranges, mm:                   3 or 25         
Accuracy, µm:±1
Resolution, µm:0.1, 0.5 and 1     

main parameter

3 models of:

    built display option;

    batteries powered.


Measuring ranges, mm:                   15 or 35,55         
Accuracy, µm:±1
Resolution, µm:0.1, 0.5 and 1

Symbol Description
XModel (1 or 6)
LMeasurement range, mm
DResolution, um
UARTType of the serial interface (RS232, 232 or RS485 and SSI, 485)
EncDxPeriod of quadrature signal, EncD5 – 5 um, EncD10 – 10 um
AN*Attribute showing the presence of Current Loop (I) or Voltage (U) output
INTrigger input (input of synchronization) (for RF256 sensors only)
LOUT*Attribute showing the presence of 2 logical outputs
MCable length, m

Note*: when working in the EncD mode using the SSI, as well as analog outputs is impossible. Parameters AN and LOUT - cannot be in the same device together.
Example: AE02-55-0.1-232-I-IN-CC-3, AE02 sensor; 55 mm measurement range; 0,1 um resolution; serial port – RS232; 4…20 mA analog output; IN – synchronization input presents; 3 m cable length.

-Application area-

Parts Dimensions

Width Measurements




Object Deformation

-Technical specifications-

Measurement range, mm325153555
Accuracy (at Т=20 °С), um± 2± 3
Resolution, um0,1 or 0,5 or 1 or 5 or 10
Output interfacedigitalRS422(RS485 and SSI or RS232) and (EncD5 or EncD10 — emulation of quadrature signals of incremental transducers)
analogno0...20 mА (<500 Om load) or 0...10 V
Synchronization inputnoopto-isolated
Logical outputsnotwo outputs, NPN: 100 mA max; 40 V max
Indicationnotwo-color LED (red/green)
Power supply, V12 (without analogue output) 15 (with analogue output)
Power consumption, W0,75
Enclosure ratingIP57IP50
Operating temperature, °С-40...+50-10...+50
Weight (without cable), g70110110150180

* typical data obtained when a knife edge was used to interrupt the beam and distance between transmitter and receiver is equal of two measurement range

-Measuring principle-

As compared with incremental sensors, absolute sensors have a number of advantages: the absolute position of the gauge plug is determined immediately after power is on and the necessity of search of the reference mark is excluded.

Also excluded is the probability of accumulation or loss of count pulse signals in case of impacts, vibrations and reverse motion.

-Industry solutions-

-Successful case-

-Mounting dimensions-

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