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ZSY GROUP has been dedicating itself as an active manufacturer and supplier of laser distance sensors and laser measurement systems for industrial and OEM use. ZSY's products range from simple laser modules to complex 3D laser surveying and imaging systems. A number of ZSY's products have become “industry standard”. The use of our products covers steel casting, paper production, medical imaging, crane control, micron-level part, device monitoring, autocontrol in product line and part dimension inspection, surface inspection and so on.

ZSY also undertakes a continuous program of research and development to ensure ZSY and its customer's stay ahead of the competition. In response to industry demands for innovative technology, whilst maintenance industry standards, ZSY, continually strive to provide technological solutions pushing the boundaries of laser measurement Technology forward


According to the principle of "technology as driving force and quality as basis, with honest service to innovate forever", ZSY, as the leading supplier of sensors and measuring instruments, is developing and reliable products that meet customer requirements on every manufacturing Industry.


ZSY Group Ltd. is headquartered in London, England. The major business of its sensor department is to R & D and sale high-precision measuring instruments and sensors in cooperation with many well-known European and American measurement equipment manufacturers and sensor manufacturers. ZSY Group Ltd. is a high-tech industry companies which is based on high-precision sensors and dedicated in soft-measurement, RFID technology, Wireless Sensor Network and related middle-ware.


Zhenshangyou Technologies Co., Ltd. is the group's Asian headquarters and founded in March 2005. Its major business is sensor and measurement system selling and technical support. Meanwhile, we also integrate the whole system consisting of hardware and software and deliver it to the customer in case they need a turn-key project. In addition, Zhenshangyou Technologies Co., Ltd. is also a software company with independent intellectual property rights.

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