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ZSY GROUP has been dedicating itself as an active manufacturer and supplier of laser distance sensors and laser measurement systems for industrial and OEM use. ZSY's products range from simple laser modules to complex 3D laser surveying and imaging systems. A number of ZSY's products have become “industry standard”. The use of our products covers steel casting, paper production, medical imaging, crane control, micron-level part, device monitoring, autocontrol in product line and part dimension inspection, surface inspection and so on.

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    Extreme Temperature

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    Rubber & Tire

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  • Machinery manufacturing

    Machinery manufacturing

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  • ZLDS104 Laser probes for holes inspection

    Laser triangulation sensors

    ZLDS104 Laser probes for holes inspection

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  • Static deformation measurement system(TVDE331)

    Static deformation measurement system(TVDE331)

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  • 3Ds dynamic scanners

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  • Welding inspection system_ZLDS202AVIKScan

    Welding inspection system_ZLDS202AVIKScan

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  • Laser seam tracking system for welding automation_ZLDS20Smart-Weld Series

    The laser scanners ZLDS20Smart-Weld Series

    • — scanners for welding robots with in-built tracking software

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  • 2D Laser Scanner ZLDS20X Series

    The laser scanners ZLDS20X series are intended for non-contact measuring and checking of surface profile, dimensions, sorting and sensing of technological objects, 3D models construction.

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  • LCJ Seires Laser Distance Sensors

    LCJ Seires Laser Distance Sensors

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  • AE0x Absolute Linear Position Sensors

    Absolute Linear Position Sensors

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  • ZLDS10X High-precision laser triangulation sensor

    Laser triangulation sensors

    ZLDS10X High-precision laser triangulation sensor

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  • ZLDS11X High Temperature Laser Displacement Sensor

    Laser sensor

    ZLDS11X High Temperature Laser Displacement Sensor

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  • ZLDS210 2D Laser Profile Scanner

    2D Laser Profile Scanner


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