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  • ZLDS104 Laser probes for holes inspection

    Laser triangulation sensors

    ZLDS104 Laser probes for holes inspection

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  • Static deformation measurement system(TVDE331)

    Static deformation measurement system(TVDE331)

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  • 3Ds dynamic scanners

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  • Welding inspection system_ZLDS202AVIKScan

    Welding inspection system_ZLDS202AVIKScan

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  • Laser seam tracking system for welding automation_ZLDS20Smart-Weld Series

    The laser scanners ZLDS20Smart-Weld Series

    • — scanners for welding robots with in-built tracking software

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  • 2D Laser Scanner ZLDS202 Series

    The laser scanners ZLDS202 series are intended for non-contact measuring and checking of surface profile, dimensions, sorting and sensing of technological objects, 3D models construction.

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  • LCJ Seires Laser Distance Sensors

    LCJ Seires Laser Distance Sensors

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  • AE0x Absolute Linear Position Sensors

    Absolute Linear Position Sensors

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  • ZLDS10X High-precision laser triangulation sensor

    Laser triangulation sensors

    ZLDS10X High-precision laser triangulation sensor

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  • ZLDS11X High Temperature Laser Displacement Sensor

    Laser sensor

    ZLDS11X High Temperature Laser Displacement Sensor

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  • ZLDS210 2D Laser Profile Scanner

    2D Laser Profile Scanner


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